Bus Parking Český Krumlov

Busparking Český Krumlov - FAQs

New rules valid from 5/2019

When will the complete price list for BUS-STOP and BUS-Parking valid from 5/2019 be posted?

The complete price list will be availabe beginnig 2019 and will be posted on the website www.busparking.cz.

Will the 30 EUR entry fee to the BUS-STOP be valid for all types of buses or will it differ by size?

Yes, the 30 EUR entry fee to BUS-STOP will be same for all types of buses, no matter their size. There is going to be a discounted price for buses that are coming in non-busy hours and those that are coming for more days. The complete price list will be available at the beginning of 2019 at www.busparking.cz.

Will there be any additional service at the BUS-STOP for the waiting passengers?

There is going to be free WC and Wi-Fi and resting area.

Where can an empty bus park?

An empty bus can park at the designated parking area - P-BUS that are located on the outsides of the city. It is possible to park at the central P-BUS at Chvalšinská street (located around 300 m from the BUS-STOP), or P-BUS at Kaplická street (located around 2 200 m from the BUS-STOP).

How much will the fee be for 1 hour and for 24 hours?

The price list at the P-BUS Chvalšinská will be specified at the beginning of 2019. The current price list can be found at www.busparking.cz.

P-BUS price list

price for coach parking for every new hour 100 CZK
1 day parking price (24 hours) 600 CZK

Na busparkingu Český Krumlov je platba možná v hotovosti i platební kartou v Kč nebo EUR.

Important phone numbers

BUSPARKING: +420 380 711 190
Police: 158
The Municipal Police: +420 380 766 308, 156
Firefighters: 150
Hospital: +420 380 761 911
Emergency: +420 380 717 646

Partner for tourist services in Český Krumlov

Infocenter Český Krumlov

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Český Krumlov
Tel.: +420 380 704 622-3
E-mail: info@ckrumlov.info
WWW: www.ckrumlov.info