Bus Parking Český Krumlov

Busparking Český Krumlov - FAQs

Tour Bus Rules - Starting from 1 June 2019

Since when does a fee apply to enter the BUS-STOP in Český Krumlov?

BUS-STOP entry fee in Český Krumlov applies from 1 June 2019.

Is advance reservation possible for BUS-STOP entry?

BUS-STOP entry reservation is required prior to the tour bus arrival using the on-line system available at www.busparking.cz. Each tour bus can have a timed entry slot for BUS-STOP. Reservation system will be available from 1 May 2019.

Since when is the on-line reservation system open?

BUS-STOP terminal usage can be reserved on-line starting from 1 May 2019.

Can BUS-STOP be used without a prior on-line reservation?

Only the on- and off-boarding terminal BUS STOP B can be used without a prior on-line reservation, for a higher fee (30 EUR / 1 entry). BUS-STOP A terminal may ONLY be used with a prior advance on-line reservation made at www.busparking.cz (reservation is possible up to 30 minutes prior to planned terminal usage). A reduce fee applies for usage of BUS-STOP with an on-line reservation (25 EUR / 1 entry). On-line reservation also entitles the holder for a 50% bus parking reduction fee at P-BUS parking area (Chvalšinská Street 242) – until the bus area capacity is reached.

How long in advance can bus arrival times be booked?

BUS-STOP off- and on-boarding terminal usage may be booked up to 3 months in advance.

Is the BUS-STOP reservation fee applicable for all buses and is there a difference in fee due to bus size?

The BUS-STOP entry fee is the same for all tour buses regardless of their size. A discount is available for advance payment using the on-line system and for tour buses bringing guests for overnight or multi-day stay. For complete pricelist see www.busparking.cz.

Is guest luggage off- and onloading possible at the BUS-STOP for transportation to hotel?

Guest luggage off- and onloading for shuttle or taxi transportation is not possible on the BUS-STOP due to time constraints and in the interest of ensuring the traffic fluency. Luggage may be offloaded on the P-BUS parking areas.

Are there any additional facilities available for waiting guests at the BUS-STOP?

The following facilities are available directly at the BUS-STOP: free-of-charge toilets, free wi-fi, relaxation area with benches.

Where can empty buses be parked once guests have disembarked?

Empty buses can park at designated P-BUS parking areas located at the outskirts of the town. Central P-BUS parking area is available at Chvalšinská Street 242 (ca. 300 meters away from the off- and onboarding P-BUS STOP station) or, in case the capacity is reached, a privately-owned bus parking area at Kaplická Street 623.

What are the bus parking charges per 1 hour and per 24 hours?

The central P-BUS parking area at Chvalšinská Street 242 pricelist will be available at www.busparking.cz. Buses with an advance on-line reservation to use the off- and on-boarding P-BUS station will be able to claim a 50% reduction off parking charges at the P-BUS parking area (until full capacity of the parking area is reached).

P-BUS price list

price for coach parking for every new hour 100 CZK / 4 EUR
1 day parking price (24 hours) 600 CZK / 24 EUR


Price for 1 entry
Basic price (payment on site) 750 CZK / 30 EUR
On-line reservation - Day Tourists 625 CZK / 25 EUR
On-line Reservation - Overnights Guests 375 CZK / 15 EUR

Na busparkingu Český Krumlov je platba možná v hotovosti i platební kartou v Kč nebo EUR.

Important phone numbers

BUSPARKING: +420 380 711 190
Police: 158
The Municipal Police: +420 380 766 308, 156
Firefighters: 150
Hospital: +420 380 761 911
Emergency: +420 380 717 646

Partner for tourist services in Český Krumlov

Infocenter Český Krumlov

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Tel.: +420 380 704 622-3
E-mail: info@ckrumlov.info
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