Bus Parking Český Krumlov

Passenger off- and on-boarding area BUS-STOP

It is situated on Chvalšinská Street (road I/39 Č.Budějovice-Volary) after the departure from the town centre in the destination of Volary, Prachatice. It is the only regular place for the travellers´ safe getting in and getting off the coach in Český Krumlov from where they can manage to walk to the town centre.

BUS-STOP terminal can be reached by following guidance system. Terminal is located approximately 300m before BUS-Parking. When arriving from Volary and Prachatice 300m behind BUS-parking.

BUS-STOP terminal operates year-long. During the day there is an operator.

The total capacity is 8 parking spaces and maximum allowed time for getting in and getting off the bus is 30 minutes. If you stay longer than the allowed time limit, there is an extra fee 300 CZK/hour.
BUS-STOP terminal is in condition which needs major reconstruction. Nowadays the nearest toilettes are on car park "P1" (Jelení Garden), which is about 250 m walk to the centre. The nearest fast food is located in the area of BUS-STOP.

Walk distances in metres from BUS-STOP terminal to the chosen targets:

  • Infocentre (main square) - 750 m - 10 min
  • The castle (ticket office) - 750 m (slightly uphill) - 15 min
  • Monasteries Český Krumlov - 870 m - 12 min
  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum - 670 m - 10 min
  • Regional Museum - 970 m - 15 min

P-BUS price list

price for coach parking for every new hour 100 CZK
1 day parking price (24 hours) 600 CZK

Na busparkingu Český Krumlov je platba možná v hotovosti i platební kartou v Kč nebo EUR.

Important phone numbers

BUSPARKING: +420 380 711 190
Police: 158
The Municipal Police: +420 380 766 308, 156
Firefighters: 150
Hospital: +420 380 761 911
Emergency: +420 380 717 646

Partner for tourist services in Český Krumlov

Infocenter Český Krumlov

Náměstí Svornosti 2
Český Krumlov
Tel.: +420 380 704 622-3
E-mail: info@ckrumlov.info
WWW: www.ckrumlov.info