Bus Parking Český Krumlov

Tour bus organization applies to organized tours - summary


Tour buses are prohibited from stopping anywhere within the Český Krumlov town territory except for designated on- and off-boarding areas marked BUS-STOP. Tour buses are also prohibited from parking anywhere except for reserved locations marked P-BUS un BUS PARKING.

Vehicle entry into the pedestrian zone and some roads in Český Krumlov is prohibited. These zones are marked by appropriate traffic signs. The map of the traffic regulations for tour buses you can find here.

Please follow the rules on bus stopping, bus parking and restricted vehicle entry very carefully. Please note that these rules are subject to frequent police checks and non-compliance will be prosecuted.

Please note that tour buses bound for Český Krumlov must make an advance reservation to use the BUS-STOP using an on-line booking system on www.busparking.cz/online. A specific time slot to use the BUS-STOP may be reserved for every tour bus. Every such use of the BUS-STOP is subject to a fee of 625 CZK. A round-trip including guest off-boarding followed by guest on-boarding using the BUS-STOP terminal is subject to a total fee of 1250 CZK.

Empty buses must be parked on designated parking areas marked P-BUS and BUS PARKING located at the outskirts of the town. Guest luggage may be off- and on-loaded at these parking areas to be taken to hotels by either a shuttle or a taxi.

All routes approaching Český Krumlov are equipped with a guiding system leading the bus drivers to the off- and on-boarding BUS-STOP terminal and later to the designate BUS parking area.

Map of the organization of tour buses in Český Krumlov


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  • Terminal is in operation non-stop all-year round
  • Address: Chvalšinská ulice 4 (route I/39 Volary - Č. Budějovice)
    GPS: 48°48'52.2"N 14°18'38.9"E
  • Terminal is a designated tourist off- and on-boarding area only, buses must leave immediately once all guests have disembarked and park at the parking areas P-BUS and BUS PARKING. Maximum standing time at the terminal is 20 minutes. Non-compliance will result in a fine by the Municipal Police or the State Police
  • Terminal may be used after an advance on-line reservation at www.busparking.cz/online.
  • The terminal is equipped by automated barriers
  • Price for using the terminal – strictly with advance on-line reservation only: 625 CZK / 1 entry. A discount is available for tour buses bringing guest for an overnight or multi-day stay. For complete pricelist see www.busparking.cz
  • Terminal may be used without an advance on-line reservation for an extra fee of 750 CZK / 1 entry, fee is payable on-the-spot by payment card or in cash (CZK, EUR)
  • Transfer the guests to the shuttle/taxi is possible at the terminal
  • Guest luggage on- and off-loading for shuttle or taxi transportation into the hotel is not possible at the terminal – use P-BUS parking area (Chvalšinská Street 242) for this purpose.
  • Free public wheelchair-access toilets available 150 meters (2 minutes´ walk) away on parking P1 (Jelení zahrada)
  • Wi-fi free of charge

Walking distances from the BUS-STOP terminals to town center

Svornosti Square – 750 meters (10 minutes)
2nd Castle courtyard (State Castle and Chateau cash desk) – 750 meters (slightly uphill, 15 minutes)
Český Krumlov monasteries – 870 meters (12 minutes)
Egon Schiele Art Centre – 670 meters (10 minutes)
Regional Museum – 970 meters (15 minutes)


Central P-BUS Chvalšinská

  • Parking area is operational non-stop all year round (located 300 meters from the off- and on-boarding terminal BUS-STOP)
  • Address: Chvalšinská Street 242  P-BUS, Český Krumlov (route I/39 Č. Budějovice - Volary)
    GPS: 48°49'00.7"N 14°18'20.2"E
  • Paid bus parking (fee list on www.busparking.cz).
  • Parking fees payable by card or in cash (CZK, EUR)
  • Included in the parking fee - Facilities for bus drivers ... relaxation area with TV, hot drinks vending machine, kitchenette, toilet, shower, Wi-Fi free of chargé

In case parking area capacity is reached, a private bus parking area is available at Kaplická Street 623.


Any questions? Look at FAQs.

P-BUS prices 1st April 2023

Parking is reserved for Bus Stop clients only.

price for coach parking for every new hour 100 CZK
1 day parking price (24 hours) 500 CZK

BUS-STOP prices from 1st April 2023

Price for 1 entry
On-line reservation - Day Tourists 625 CZK
On-line Reservation with discount code - Overnights Guests, School, Minibus up to 23 seats incl. the driver 375 CZK
Entry without an advance on-line reservation 750 CZK

BUS-STOP Český Krumlov Prices from 1st April 2023

Na busparkingu Český Krumlov je platba možná v hotovosti i platební kartou v Kč nebo EUR.

Important phone numbers

The Municipal Police
+420 380 766 308, 156
+420 380 761 911
+420 380 717 646

Partner for tourist services in Český Krumlov

Infocenter Český Krumlov

Náměstí Svornosti 2
Český Krumlov

Tel: +420 380 704 622
E-mail: info@ckrumlov.info
WWW: www.ckrumlov.info